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Why choosing HP Printer Repairs is a wise decision

You will get service from a team that is an hp preferred partner and with years of experience in the industry. Our technicians are selected not only on their technical ability, but their commercial awareness and customer service skill too. This means you will never have to pay more for more service or deal with a poorly trained technician. We have a “right first time” policy which our entire technical team abide by. We understand the impact downtime is likely to have on your business and we work very hard to keep this at a minimum. The way we do this is by diagnosing faults accurately the first time, carrying out timely repairs and ensuring your machine is fit to return to duty. 

Listed below are some of the reasons why you have made the right choice by choosing us:

  • A fixed fee policy – our repair costs include labour and travel time
  • We have a fast response time from initial contact to site visit
  • Our engineers and technicians carry a stock Parts
  • We are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Our contract renewal rates are very high (over 98%) which says a lot about how happy we keep our customers
  • Parts are competitively priced
  • Check out our reviews on google for 5 star reviews 

What other benefits do Printer repairs offer ?

We are a vertically integrated company, and when you choose us as your printer support partner we make the following accessible to you:

  • Our printer support team
  • Dedicated service desk team who handle all your fault reports and service visits
  • Field service engineers who are dedicated to keep your machine running smoothly
  • Network installation team is available to advise on new device installation and other networking related issues
  • Application support team – printers are now Multi Function Devices some of them running specialized applications. We have a team of experts who are able to assist with any problems you may face with your applications.
  • We hope the information above shows why you have made the right decision to partner with our printer repair section us for your peace of mind. We look forward to carrying out all your printer repairs to the exacting standards you value as a business.

Questions and Answers about our printer repairs Dublin 

Q. How much will my printer repairs cost?
A. All our printer repairs call outs are charged at a set rate.Tell us your HP printer model and your location and we will guaranteed the best price .

Q. How quickly will my printer be repaired?
A. Normally we response within 8 hours . Most of our calls outs are fixed on the first visit, All our engineers carry a wide range of printer parts, saving the customer as little down time as possible,

Q. What if parts are needed?
A. If any printer parts are needed while on site we will always give you a quote first for the parts, If we need to return there is no charge for the return visit we only bill the one labour charge .

Q. Is my HP engineer local?
A. Yes all our experienced printer repair engineers are within one hour’s travel of most places in Dublin and country

Q. Could it be more cost effective to replace my HP printer than repair it?
A. Before we attend any call our help desk will evaluate the printer you have and will advise weather it is cheaper to repair your printer or replace it with a new one, We want you to make an informed decision, where you can take into account the value of the repairs versus the price on a new printer,

Q. Are your repairs guaranteed?
A.  Absolutely, all our printer repairs are guaranteed for 30 days. In the unlikely event that the same fault should reoccur within this time we will provide you with a free of charge call-out.

HP Colour LaserJet Printer Maintenance Contract

Our cost effective HP Colour LaserJet printer repairs maintenance contract provides full support for businesses of all sizes. When we access your machine and find it in good working order after which you can take out a printer repair contract with us. This covers provides unlimited call-outs with all non-consumable parts and labour included.
Q. Can I take out a maintenance contract if my printer isn’t working?
A. No,before a contract can be taken out on your printer it would need to be in good working order, if your printer is faulty you would need to pay for your printer to be repaired first. However once it is repaired we will happily put your printer under a maintenance agreement.

Q. Why is a printer inspection required sometimes?
A. To help keep our maintenance costs down for all our customers , we will need to ensure that your printer is in good working order and maintained to minimum standard. We will assess your and explain if any parts are required before we can provide you with a printer service agreement.

Q. Do I have truly unlimited call-outs?
A. Absolutely you do. With our serving throughout the year we aim to keep your printer in tip top condition and will run smoothly between visits, if for some reason you encounter a problem we’re always here to help.

Q. Are all toners and consumable included in your printer contracts,?
A. No we only cover non consumables parts and labour , printer parts normally need replacing during its use, such as: toners, maintenance kits and fuser units -all these are rated as consumables parts. Non-consumable parts covers everything else, such as: power supplies, circuit boards and electrical parts. All these are covered completely free of charge.

Q. What happens if I replace my printer?
A. If you replace your printer with a similar model just give us a call with the serial number and model number and we will transfer the new printer onto you current contract, Depending on the machine there may be an increase in cost or a credit going back to you, .

Please find some of the most comment printer we repair:

hp1005W, hp1018 ,hp 1018S, hp 1020 Plus, hp 1022n, hp 1022N XI, hp 1022nw, hp 1100 Companion, hp 1100 Se, hp 1100 Xi, hp 1100a, hp 1100A Se, hp 1100A Xi, hp 1160LE, hp 1200, hp 1200n, hp 1200se, hp hp 1220, hp 1220se, hp 1300, hp 1300n, hp 1300t, hp 1300xi, hp 1320, hp 1320n, hp 1320nw, hp 1320t, hp 1320tn, hp 2100, hp 2100m, hp 2100Se, hp 2100TN, hp 2100Xi, hp 2200, hp 2200d, hp 2200dn, hp 2200dse, hp 2200dt, hp 2200dtn, hp 2300, hp 2300d, hp 2300dn, hp 2300dtn, hp 2300L, hp 2300n, hp 2410, hp 2420, hp 2420d, hp 2420dn, hp 2420n, hp 2430, hp 2430dtn, hp 2430n, hp 2430t, hp 2430tn, hp 3015 All-In-One, hp 3020 All-In-One, hp 3030 All-In-One, hp 3050 All-In-One, hp 3050z All-In-One, hp 3052 All-In-One, hp 3055 All-In-One, hp 3100, hp 3100se, hp 3100xi, hp 3150, hp 3150se, hp 3150xi, hp 3200, hp 3200M, hp 3200se, hp 3300 MFP, hp 3310 MFP, hp 3320 MFP, hp 3320N MFP, hp 3330 MFP, hp 3380 All-In-One, hp 3390 All-In-One, hp 3392 All-In-One, hp Pro P1606dn, hp 4000, hp 4000n, hp 4000se, hp 4000t, hp 4050, hp 4000tn, hp 4050n, hp 4050se, hp 4050t, hp 4100, hp 4050tn, hp 4100 MFP, hp 4100dtn, hp 4100n, hp 4100tn, hp 4200, hp 4101 MFP, hp 4200dtn, hp 4200DTNS, hp 4200dtnsl, hp 4200L, hp 4200Ln, hp 4200Lvn, hp 4200n, hp 4240, hp 4200tn, hp 4250, hp 4240n, hp 4250dtn, hp 4250dtnsl, hp 4250n, hp 4300, hp 4250tn, hp 4300dtn, hp 4300DTNS, hp 4300dtnsl, hp 4300n, hp 4300tn, hp 4345 MFP, hp 4345x MFP, hp 4345xm MFP, hp 4350, hp 4345xs MFP, hp 4350dtn, hp 4350dtnsl, hp 4350n, hp 5000, hp 4350tn, hp 5000dn, hp 5000gn, hp 5000LE, hp 5100, hp 5100Le, hp 5000n, hp 5100dtn, hp 5100se, hp 5200, hp 5100tn, hp 5200dtn, hp 5200L, hp 5200n, hp 5200tn, hp 5L, hp 5L xtra, hp 5m, hp 5MP, hp 5N, hp 5P, hp 5se, hp 5Si, hp 5Si HM, hp 5Si Mopier, hp 5Si MX, hp 5Si NX, hp 6L, hp 6L Pro, hp 6Lse, hp 6Lxi, hp 6MP, hp 6P, hp 6Pse, hp 8000, hp 6Pxi, hp 8000dn, hp 8100, hp 8000n, hp 8100DN, hp 8150, hp 8100N, hp 8150 MFP, hp 8150dn, hp 8150HN, hp 9000, hp 8150n, hp 9000 MFP, hp 9000dn, hp 9000HN, hp 9000hnf, hp 9000L MFP, hp 9000n, hp 9040, hp 9040 MFP, hp 9040dn, hp 9040n, hp 9050, hp 9050 MFP, hp 9050dn, hp 9050dnm, hp 9050n, hp 9055 MFP, hp M1005 MFP, hp M1120, hp M1132 MFP, hp M1319f MFP, hp M1522n MFP, hp M1522nf MFP, hp M2727nf MFP, hp M2727nfs MFP, hp M3027 MFP, hp M3027x MFP, hp M3035MFP , hp M3035xs MFP, hp M4345 MFP, hp M4345x MFP, hp M4345xm hp MFP, hp M4345xs MFP, hp M4349x MFP, hp M4555dn MFP, hp M4555f MFP, hp M4555fskm MFP, hp M4555h MFP, hp M5025 MFP, hp M5035 MFP, hp M5035x MFP, hp M5035xs MFP, hp M601DN, hp M601N, hp M602DN, hp M602N, hp M602X, hp M603DN, hp M603N, hp M603XH, hp M9040 MFP, hp M9050 MFP, hp P1005, hp P1005 LIMITED, hp P1006, hp P1007, hp P1008, hp P1505, P1505N, hp P2014, hp P2014n, hp P2015, hp P2015d, hp P2015dn, hp P2015n, hp P2015x, hp P2035, hp P2035n, hp P2055, hp P2055d, hp P2055dn, hp P2055x, hp P3005, hp P3005d, hp P3005dn, hp P3005n, hp P3005x, hp P3015, hp P3015d, hp P3015dn, hp P3015n, hp P3015x, hp P4014, hp P4014dn, hp P4014n, hp P4015dn, hp P4015n, hp P4015tn, hp P4015x, hp P4515n, hp P4515tn, hp P4515x, hp M1120N, hp P4515xm, hp Pro M1212nf MFP, hp Pro M1217nfw MFP, hp Pro M1536dnf MFP, hp Pro P1102, hp Pro P1102w, hp Pro P1566 hp Pro M1536dnf MFP, hp Pro P1102, hp Pro P1102w, hp Pro P1566


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