Printer Maintenance Contracts

Printer Maintenance Contracts 

Printer maintenance is notoriously expensive and unpredictable, as many disgruntled business owners can attest. If you’ve ever had your office printer break down in the middle of an important job and felt your heart jump, you’ve probably asked yourself the same question that shoots through everyone’s mind at that moment. How much are repairs going to cost this time? Printer maintenance contracts are an easy way to keep control on your printing costs

Fortunately, you don’t have to be at the mercy of the printer repair lottery anymore!
Printer maintenance contracts are a cost effective solution to your problem, and we are happy to offer it to all our clients on very competitive terms. A low annual fee will eliminate any uncertainty about the cost of maintenance and repair when printers fail you, allowing you to carry on with your tasks with no fear of exceeding your budget.

There is no room for surprises in business.

That’s why we have made sure that our annual printer contracts fully cover the costs of all maintenance and repair work that might be required during the year. With the exception of toner cartridges, we will also replace any essential parts that have been damaged beyond repair.

Businesses that sign printer contracts can save thousands of euros per year in maintenance costs and effectively reduce the downtime of broken printers thanks to our responsive team of repair professionals. In addition, they are more likely to fix a faulty printer that still seems to work sometimes, because there’s no longer any point in waiting it out.
The only thing you need to get started is a highly transparent printer contract that guarantees you unlimited annual repairs at a very affordable annual fee. When you need us to come to your aid, simply call our customer service and we will send someone down to your office immediately.
Get your printers repaired for free, all year long, including two annual preventative maintenance calls! We will examine, cleaned, lubricate, align and calibrate all of your printer parts for maximum work performance and a reduced risk of breakage in the future.
Want to find out more about printer contracts? Feel free to browse our website or ask us about the pricing of our services to finally get an answer you will be glad to hear!

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