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Help Me !!!!!! My printer will not print 

Check to see if there is paper in the tray

hp Deskjet Printer Repairs Dublin

 Your printer may be out of paper, best to add some paper to the cassette or the rear paper tray . If the tray has paper installed correctly and the machine still indicates it needs paper there could be a problem with the sensor and a trip to the Hp DeskJet repairs centre in swords Dublin is needed

Check the USB cable into the computer

hp Deskjet Printer Repairs Dublin

Check to see if the USB cable is attached into the back of the printer and the other end into of the USB cable to your computer/Laptop, If this installed correctly please see the next section

Check your Deskjet print cartridges

replace an cartridge

The ink may be empty, check the levels on the display panel, If empty replace printer cartridges and try printing again, if one of the cartridges runs out of ink the printer will stop printing, All cartridges must have a certain level of ink before the printer will print, the printer will indicate when its time to replace your DeskJet cartridges,

My Printer is making a strange noise or banging sound


Turn off printer and check to see if there is paper jammed in the machine, this can sometimes stop the printer carriage moving form side to side and results in the printer making usually noises, turn machine back on and test machine ,If it is still making the            noise , you may have to take it to our hp Deskjet Printer Repairs Dublin

Check to see if there is paper jammed in the machine

paper jam

TURN OFF PRINTER , Gently open the printer door and check for jammed paper or torn pieces of paper, Remove paper and when finished close the machine up turn the printer back on and try printing again ,If you cant find any paper in the machine you may need to drop it into THE Hp DeskJet repairs centre


Check printer drivers are installed on the computer


Please view the following hp instructions on the link below to help install and fault find any problem related to the HP DeskJet and LaserJet drivers.http://support.hp.com/us-en After the drivers have download, follow the instructions on screen to finish the install.

My Wireless printer has stopped printing :

To make it easy for our Deskjet and LaserJet customers please follow the link below on how to re Reinstalling the Wireless Printers


The buttons on my printer are broken/will not work


If the buttons on your printer are broken and will not work the life of your printer has come to an end, not all parts are available for DeskJet printers. if you still feel you must give it a go please have a look at the link to hp support: .http://support.hp.com/us-en

My Scanner/Copier glass is broken or cracked


If the scanner /Copier glass is broken on a your DeskJet printer it is uneconomical to repair. Not all glasses are available as a part, If you still feel you need to repair the glass please follow the link below :http://support.hp.com/us-en

My printer will not turn on

hp_deskjet_printer_no _power

Check to see is the power cable in connected correctly into the back of the printer. Make sure the plug is securely inserted into power outlet. If the power is connected correctly you may need to drop it into hp DeskJet repairs centre in Swords


If you are having problems that are not listed on this page please feel free to visit our hp deskjet printer repairs centre in swords or give us a call contact us on 015373827