IF  you own an HP LaserJet printer or copier, the chances are that you will need to replace the HP fuser unit at some stage throughout the life of the printer, The printer will normally indicate when the life of the hp fuser unit has expired but If you are experiencing problems before the this like Image Ghosting or Striking,

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Having problems with bad print quality and  you have inspected all the Toners/Drums and found them all clear of toner chances are It may be the fuser unit causing the problem, the role of the fuser unit is to make the toner stuck to the page, it does this with heat and pressure, The fuser unit is made up of two pressure rollers the lower one in normally hard rubber and the top is a hard plastic/metal that is clothed in Teflon,, just like the Teflon on your frying pan when it wears away everything will stick to it, when the Teflon on your fuser unit wears away the toner sticks to it and gets repeated down the page, Faulty fuser unit shown below :


If you are getting text that has a feint test repeated down the pages you know the fuser unit is faulty, Another give away is small impressions on the pages where the lower heat roller has gone faulty, Before you inspect the fuser unit leave the machine turned off for at least 30 minutes before you try and take out the fuser unit as it gets very hot and can lead to serious burns, if it is the fuser unit you will see marks on the upper Teflon roller, they should be easy to see if its faulty, no point in trying to clean it as the toner has been baked onto the roller and will only come back again after printing a few pages, most fuser units are a complete unit and get replaced as one,

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it is best to give us a call to confirm that it is the fuser unit causing the problem, Some hp fuser units are very expensive and if open we cannot offer a refund, the role of the HP Fuser is to permanently bonds the toner with heat and pressure to the paper, Over time the Teflon on the fuser rollers wears away causing ghosting and lines on pages, Irrespective of make or model,

Fuser unit comes under the category of printer consumables like toners they have to be changed after certain number of pages,  Generally HP fusing units have an average life expectancy of near about 150,000 pages, but it varies from model to model as well as print conditions. So, if you are experiencing problems in your HP fusing units, it’s better to replace with original HP printer for new-like print quality.