What Choose a Hp Preferred Partner

HP Preferred Partner is a designation given to companies that have met certain criteria set by HP (Hewlett-Packard), ie a technology company that specializes in Printer hardware, software, and other related services.

We have  demonstrated a high level of expertise in providing HP products and services to our customers. We are recognized by HP as trusted partner who have a deep understanding of HP products and services and can offer expert advice to our customers.

In order to become an Preferred Partner we must meet specific criteria and go through a certification process that includes training on HP products and solutions. We are required to maintain a certain level of sales and technical certification on an ongoing basis to retain their our designation.

Being an HP Preferred Partner provides our customers with a number of benefits, including access to the latest HP products and services, after sales support, and technical support. We are able to offer Our customers a wide range of HP products and solutions, backed by the knowledge and expertise of HP itself.

Overall, being an Preferred Partner is a recognition of  our commitment to excellence in providing HP products and services to our customers, and it is a symbol of trust and quality in the industry.

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